Our Care Plan

After the initial intake call, we take care of the rest

Our team consults with your physician about your medical condition, and meets with you and your family to gather vital information about your home care needs. This helps us determine the level of care you need for your care plan.  Once all the information is gathered, we provide a complete treatment plan. We take special pride in delivering high quality, efficient home care. This means we tailor the home health care services to exactly what our patients need. We also teach people how to care for themselves to the best of their ability, to foster independence and well-being. And finally, we counsel you on the available state programs you might qualify for to support your care plan from a financial perspective.

 Supervision and Communication

  • VNASWC follows a supervision policy for all of our home health care professionals.
  • Routine field supervision as well as random inspections are conducted to ensure safe, competent care and to stress the importance of punctual, reliable, quality service.
  • Caregivers follow regulations and document all services provide to their patient.


VNA understands the safety concerns of patients and their families, and carefully screens our employee applicants to ensure the well-being and protection of our clients.
All employees must pass comprehensive background checks that include, but are not limited to:

  • Verification of all federal employment requirements, including social security numbers
  • Review of criminal records registry
  • Review of Certified Nurses Aide Registry Board
  • Verification of educational and employment records
  • Verification of current driver’s license