Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our VNA.

How long has the VNA of Southern Worcester County been serving this community?

  • We have been serving patients and their families since 1914, 100 years of commitment to our community.

Is the VNA of Southern Worcester County an approved Medicare/Medicaid provider?

  • Yes. We are a certified Medicare/Medicaid provider.  These two medical insurances, plus most all other (senior) medical health insurances, pay 100% of your home health services. We can also assist with private pay/ private duty arrangements for respite and home care services when requested.

Does the agency have a current license to practice?

  • Yes. Since the inception of Medicare in 1966, the VNA of Southern Worcester County has held continuous certifications from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid for the state of Massachusetts and subsequently the state of Connecticut, plus additional licensure for Connecticut services.

Does the agency offer a “Patients Bill of Rights” that describes the rights and responsibilities of both the VNA of Southern Worcester County and the patients being cared for?

  • Yes. All patients, regardless of age are fully informed, in writing, of their rights and obligations when receiving home health care.

Does the VNA of Southern Worcester County write a plan of care for each patient?

  • Yes. We provide our skilled care under your physician’s medical orders, with input from the patient, their family and caregiver, and we update the plan as necessary.  We share knowledge about the patient’s disease and/or condition, how it is best managed, and how to use the newest techniques to promote recovery.

What is your protocol for medical management?

  • VNASWC follows the medical management protocol mandated by regulation. Our nurses reconcile medication with both the patient and their physician upon admission, and revisit it weekly.

How closely do supervisors oversee care to ensure quality?

  • Our primary focus is to provide excellent care. Clinical Supervisors are available every day that home health services are being provided to you.  They assist our nurses and therapists in maintaining a high clinical competence in their practice and advanced skills such as I.V. therapy, wound care, infection control, and care for transplant and dialysis patients.

What is the availability of VNA of Southern Worcester County staff members?

  • We offer staffing seven days per week, from 7:00am to 11:00pm with phone assistance 24 hours a day.

How does the VNA of Southern Worcester County ensure patient confidentiality?

  • All employees are trained and supervised in HIPPA and the confidential treatment of health information that identifies you. Any uses, disclosures, and requests for protected health information are limited to the legal minimum amount necessary.

Does the VNA of Southern Worcester County have a brochure describing the services it offers and how much they cost? If so, how can I get one?

  • Yes. Just call 508-943-0612 or 860-935-5267 and request a VNA of Southern Worcester County information booklet.

What if my doctor or case manager recommends a home care agency that I don’t want to use?

  • By law, you have the right to choose your home care agency. So plan ahead and select an experienced agency with a proven track record of quality patient outcomes. It is your legal right.