Welcome to the VNA

Founded in 1914, our VNA has 100 years of providing compassionate, expert care to the elderly, adults with acute and chronic health care needs or who have been disabled or injured, and children with acute health care problems. Many of our dedicated caregivers have been with our company more than 20 years — longevity that translates into deep clinical experience. Our large expanded service area covers the greater Worcester area and surrounding communities, all of Southern Worcester County and Northeastern Connecticut.

The VNA is certified by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and takes most insurers of home health care. Our free care program sets us apart from our competitors and cares for individuals without insurance or resources to pay for care.

We offer the full suite of certified home health care and other home services in these three core areas:


Case management includes communication with primary care physicians, all specialty health care providers, and our patients and their families to ensure comprehensive quality care.

Our proactive approach prevents unplanned hospitalizations, shortens recovery time and helps keep patients safe at home.

In addition to our core home health care services, experienced clinicians deliver health care to manage these specialty areas:

  • Diabetes, Cardiac, Cancer Management
  • Advanced Wound & Ostomy Care
  • Chronic Care Program
  • Palliative Care
  • Intravenous Therapy
  • Telehealth
  • Fall prevention program
  • Pre-op Orthopedic surgery evaluation

You have the right to choose your home care agency

When your physician suggests home health care for you or your loved one, you have the legal right to choose your agency. So plan ahead and select an experienced agency with a proven track record of quality patient outcomes. It is your right, by law.

If you or your loved one is —

  • Being discharged from the hospital
  • Going to be hospitalized
  • In need of help to manage medications or support with daily living activities

One call is all you need to find the compassionate care you deserve, right at home.